Vanuatu is the “Happiest Place on Earth” Lonely Planet said. It is not surprising that they won this award because this and more is reflected in the happy smiles of the local Ni-Vanuatu people and the beautiful location they live in the South Pacific. Vanuatu is a land that is never raced, never hurried and is a gentle peaceful place where the people and visitors alike can simply take the time to enjoy how blessed it has been by nature.

Vanuatu is also full of surprises and the opportunity to visit to visit Yasur, one of the world’s most accessible and active volcanoes  on the Island of Tanna should not be missed along with seeing the amazing ‘Land – Divers  of Pentecost Island who jump off 35 metre handmade bamboo towers with just vines attached to their ankles. The original Bunjy jump!

Stunning tropical rainforests, breathtaking jungle waterfalls and hot springs, incredible coral reefs and crystal clear waters teeming with exotic marine life and the smiling faces of the of the local Ni Vanuatu people make for a wonderfully warm, friendly and inviting destination.

Vanuatu is indeed a paradise alive with spectacular scenery and beauty. Above all, Vanuatu’s real beauty is its people, their warm smiles, the friendly hellos, and a welcome that goes way beyond hospitality.

Destination Information:

Getting There

Select Vacations offers economy & business class airfares with Air Vanuatu, Qantas and Virgin Australia.


Australian passport holders are not required to have a visa.


Your Australian passport must have validity exceeding 6 months after the date of entry. You must have a valid, ongoing or return airline ticket.

Currency & Credit Cards

The currency used in Vanuatu is the Vatu (VT) . Bank notes come in denominations of 100VT, 200VT, 500VT, 1000VT, 2000VT, 5000VT, 10.000VT and coins are 1VT, 2VT, 5VT, 10VT, 20VT, 50VT, 100VT

Credit cards are widely accepted at resorts, bars and restaurants however when buying gifts form markets or villages cash is the accepted currency.


Summer in Vanuatu is from November to March, the average temperature is 28°C and it can be hot and humid. Winter is from April to September with the temperature averaging 23°C. Sea temperature varies from 22 to 28 degrees making swimming enjoyable all year round. The warmer months from December to April are also the wettest with good rain in every month

Getting around

Air Vanuatu offers domestic flights to all the islands throughout Vanuatu.

What to Wear

Light clothes are advisable because of the tropical climate.  For women, light cotton dresses, slacks and shorts and pareos for the day and a long skirt or cool dress for evenings.  Men are most comfortable in light weight slacks and shorts and open neck shirts. Sandals or light canvas shoes are adequate.

General Tips

Visit the markets in Port Vila – an insight into local shopping habits.

Tipping is not customary and is not expected.

Visit Tanna to view the Yasur Volcano. It’s best to visit the volcano at dusk where you can experience the best views.

Travel to Pentecost Island from April to May and see the amazing “Land – Divers” the original bunjy jump where the local men dine off 100ft wooden platforms with vines tied around their ankles.

See a “Rom Dance” – local custom dancing.

Try the Kava in Vanuatu which is reputedly stronger than its Fijian equivalent, and it is drunk without the Fijian 'clapping' ceremony.

On Espiritu Santo visit the “Blue Hole” and one of the world’s most beautiful beaches – “Champagne Beach”.

Take a seaplane tour of Efate from Port Vila.

  Visit the Vanuatu National museum, in Port Vila

Espiritu Santo

Port Vila (Efate Island)

Tanna Island